Urbanest Tenancy Agreement

Simply upload your documents to your city portal: no, there is no curfew in the city, your secure access allows you to enter and exit whenever you want. The customer can cancel with a refund of the one-week prepayment if a retraction letter is sent to the most urban UK with one of the following methods. To help you keep it safe, urbanest manages each home as a “household.” It means that if someone has to isolate your house, we`re going to help everyone know what to do. Simply log on to your most urban portal and click on the orange icon to contact you. Please read our cancellation terms at: uk.urbanest.com/cancellation-policy/ If you wish to renew your rental agreement, you should inform you as soon as possible to ensure that your room has not been rented to someone else. Bookings are made early each year, so we advise you to re-book bookings at an early stage to avoid disappointment. We offer 3 types of rates: Fully Upfront, Three Instalments and Ten Instalments. The first instalment must always be paid 14 days before the start of the rental. Your rental agreement says you shouldn`t share your key with others.

This should help keep all our residents and your guest safe. If you would like someone else to use your room, please contact the reception team who can help. Urbanest Buildings are certified “Secured by Design,” which means that they have achieved not only a minimum level of physical security – doors, locks, windows, lighting, alarms, etc. – but also if the development layout significantly reduces the possibility of crime. No, but you can move in anytime after the rent starts – let us know, and we`ll make sure we help you. larger urban buildings are designed as student housing, so we can only accommodate full-time students. Now you only have to visit the most urban booking engine to see the availability of rooms for all our accommodations. No no. For the duration of the lease, the room is only for you and you only have to remove your belongings on the day of the rental. How does urbanest guarantee social renunciation in property? It could be, for example.

B, a scan/image of the passport, driver`s license or other government-issued ID card. The name must match the name of your guarantor in your most urban lease. Urbanest will continue to review our host policy and if the current government restrictions go away, we will change our host policy accordingly. Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong, and we hope you will never have a reason to complain, but if that is the case, we need you to tell us about it. This will help us improve our standards. How do I do that? Please contact us in writing, by email enquiries@urbanest.co.uk with the following information: – your name – contact information such as phone number and email address, details of your complaint — details of the steps already taken or about the people you have already spoken to What happens next? A member of the urban team will respond within 24 hours to confirm your complaint, with information on when someone will respond to your complaint. We have up to 7 days to respond to your complaint. And if I am not satisfied with the outcome of my complaint If you feel that our on-site team has not handled your complaint properly, you can write to the Operational Strategy Director; Urbanest, 101 St Martin`s Lane, WC2N 4AZ.

No, the rental agreement prevents you from subletting your room.

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