Violations Of The Playstation Network Terms Of Service And User Agreement

While SCEA strives to ensure that all prices, product descriptions and associated terms of use are correct, errors can occur. If we find an error in the price of the items you have ordered, we will contact you immediately. You have the option to confirm or cancel your order at the right price. If we cannot contact you, your order will be cancelled. After confirmation by SCEA, content or services are made available to you via your Sony Entertainment Network account. You are solely responsible for storing and storing your content. For some reason, SCEA is not responsible for providing you with replacement copies. PLEASE CONTACT SONY COMPUTER ENTERTAINMENT INC. CONSUMER SERVICES FOR FURTHER INFORMATION OR QUESTIONS VIA OUR WEBSITE HTTP://WWW.US.PLAYSTATION.COM/CORPORATE/CONTACTUS OR BY PHONE AT 877-971-7669. 10.8.

With the exception of the rights expressly conferred, EIS, its related companies and its licensees reserve all rights, interests and remedies relating to PSN and PSN content. After this agreement, account or content license ends, you will immediately stop using the content and delete or destroy copies. While you are using or have connected Sony online services, you can access other services provided by third parties for which we are not responsible, such as. B online services of game titles published by third parties. Your access to third-party services may be subject to the general terms and conditions of third parties that you should read and understand before accessing these services, and any complaints about these services must be forwarded to the third party. We will sell all services purchased through Sony Online Services stores, including PlayStation®Store and Qriocity branded store, including access to the PlayStation®Store or Qriocity Brand Shop via a third-party game or website. 9.1. ELLE or its related companies may provide prepaid cards that allow users to exchange PSN content or finance the portfolio. If you purchase a prepaid card that is worth more than the limit if it is added to the existing portfolio credit, you cannot apply the value of the prepaid card to the wallet until enough money from the wallet has been spent so that the total value of the prepaid card and wallet can be equal to or below the limit. Your wallet only accepts prepaid cards with a currency value from the same country as your account. You can purchase subscriptions to your child accounts linked to your account, subject to your acceptance of the terms and conditions of the corresponding subscription.

You can`t share your subscription for other accounts, including your children`s accounts. However, some gaming content and features provided for certain subscriptions may be available to other users of a subscriber`s authorized device or authorized device on which a subscriber is connected. 9.1. In addition to these conditions, the following conditions apply and are part of your contract with us: All content and services can only be purchased with funds from SCEA`s PSN portfolio. All purchases made with the sub-account or master account must be made through a PSN portfolio automatically linked to a master account.

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