Book Checkout Agreement

Borrowers report computer defects/damage to office agents when the laptop is returned. Laptops must be returned to the main counter at least half an hour before the main library switch closes. It is time for inspection. Borrowers must wait for an office manager to fully check the back-in of the laptop before they can leave the office. Upon check-in, the laptop is restarted and checked by library staff to check the functionality and damage. Laptops should not be left in the emission book library or left at the main switch without being handed over to a library manager; make sure you don`t receive penalties, fees or fees. A student`s right to check a laptop can be revoked indefinitely if the student does not return the laptop when due. Laptops that are 4 hours late are considered stolen/lost, the corresponding fine is levied and the Ministry of Public Safety is informed. Under no circumstances should a borrower leave a laptop unattended while in detention. Fees and fines for lost and damaged devices are as follows: By clicking “Send,” you accept the terms and conditions of sale. These devices are only used for academic purposes.

Note that documents cannot be stored on laptops – data files should instead be stored on Google Drive. All personal documents that may have been stored on the laptop will be permanently deleted after the laptop is restarted. Users should not change, modify or change the configuration settings of the pre-installed software on laptops. However, users have the right to carry out additional school software administrative installations on the laptop when necessary for academic purposes. The borrower is responsible for all software downloads that maliciously harm the existing configuration of the system. By my signature below, I command that I am a student currently enrolled and that I agree with all the following statements: SAMPLE — SAMPLE — SAMPLE — SAMPLE — SAMPLE — SAMPLE — SAMPLE — SAMPLE — SAMPLE I received the material described here. In accepting possession of this equipment, I agree with the following: I understand that it is in good working condition and that it is used only for official school district shops and in accordance with, guidelines, internet use and use of education and support rules. I do not allow anyone else to own this equipment or software. I will not sell, rent or grant any rights to this device or software. I will comply with the university`s rules and regulations regarding the use of these devices and software and I will comply with all applicable copyright and other software rules. I understand that I am responsible for the damage to the equipment.

The university can request the return of these devices and software at any time. At the request of the university or the termination of the contract, I must return this equipment to the university, on the same condition as at the beginning of the contract. I agree to accept these devices and software “as it is.” Under no circumstances will the University be liable for any accidental, special, indirect or subsequent damages resulting from a contract, act or other claim that alleges non-compliance with its obligations under this Agreement or the breach of an obligation owed to me, common law or otherwise.

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