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One of our features in our app allows our users to contact our support team directly via the intercom API. On the Messenger API intercom, users can send messages, images and GIFs. Here`s the fun part; the guy who checked our app decided to look for “pedobear” and said it was against Apple`s rules because it is covered by Guideline 1.1 – Offensive Content. We laughed for about 10 minutes before realizing we couldn`t do much. The sergeant thinks there is nothing wrong. Does anyone have any proposals or has anyone experienced something similar? What`s your advice? It`s not about being fair. This is to avoid the attention of the FBI for possible illegal activities. . I just wanted to ask people about this very strange and somewhat disloyal rejection of my team and my wife: we agree if we want to say yes, if we want to express our agreement and our support. It`s a positive gesture that generates something good. Use it in your internet communication! We gathered 80 animated GIFs from the head. Famous people use this gesture, so nodding is appropriate for you.

Free download! Send via Facebook or Whatsapp. I don`t know the intercom API. I`d be surprised if everything was in place. You probably have a text field in your app. You should be able to filter them based on inappropriate content before sending the data to the API. This is my first article, I just discovered developer forums – it`s really a stroke of luck! Of course, there is nothing we can do about it, since we use the INTERCOM API; We cannot influence or change what GIFs come from. Intercom also said it was strange. The annoying part is that you can find exactly the same `pedobear` gifs on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, GIPHY and pretty much everything else with GIFs, so it`s pretty unfair. Apple is very strict regarding applications that can be used to facilitiate illegal activities. Whichever third-party API you use, it`s your responsibility to make sure your app can`t be used that way. The camera begins to approach, then the bearded man nods to a barely perceptible nod, played by a ferocious man. Suitable for permission if your friend wants to visit him.

How would we get around that? How is it that other applications have the same problem and are live? It`s not really fair. Other applications are irresistible. They may have been adopted before this new directive. Perhaps you were unlucky enough to have a critic who reads the guidelines. Regardless of that, you are now in the database because they were rejected because of this clause. You need to do extra work to ensure that you comply with this directive. Apple will always check you because you`ve already had a refusal.

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