Shep Smith Non Compete Agreement

CNN and MSNBC are becoming the two most likely landing sites for former Fox News anchor Shepard Smith, who unexpectedly left the network in October and has since been on the cablemail sideline, awaiting an unseclosed agreement of unknown length. Citing “network sources,” the Daily Beast warned that the details of the shuffle were still up in the air before 2020, but that Smith had discussed with MSNBC President Phil Griffin that he would join the expiry of the “non-compete” clause of his contract with Fox News. People familiar with the negotiations said Smith was first approached last year after leaving Fox News. He had a non-compete clause that prevented him from starting on a new network by this month. Smith`s non-compete contract with Fox News Channel is expected to expire in June or July, making him available for work, as anticipation of Democratic and Republican national conventions begins. Smith suddenly announced his release on Friday and closed his Shepard Smith newscast “Recently, I asked the company to allow me to leave. After asking me to stay, they signed up. The anchor had previously signed a multi-year contract in 2018, complete with a non-compete clause that would prevent it from joining another network. “I`m not going to report anywhere else, at least in the near future,” Smith said. The plans are still in the air, and as the publication indicates, the network has fought for several options. But such an option is to pick up Smith, who abruptly left Fox in October, when his non-compete clause expires.

Smith, whose non-competition clause with Fox expired earlier this month, was an attractive talent that attracted industry interest. In CNBC, he found a clean slate, a network that was not identified from a political point of view. Smith`s program airs against right-wing commentator Lou Dobbs, who attracts the largest audience on Fox Business Network, which competes with CNBC to attract financial news viewers. 12:58 PM PST 1/14/2020 by Jeremy Barr FACEBOOK TWITTER EMAIL ME Smiths Camp has not explicitly stated that he plans to take another newscast job, although Giglio said at the time of Smith`s resignation that he is “taking a break, but he is not retiring.” According to The Daily Beast, it is assumed that Chuck Todd and his “ratings-challenged” show “MTP Daily” are a big goal of the MSNBC shuffle. According to the New York Times, former Fox News reporter Carl Cameron said he was surprised Smith tolerated Fox News culture while he did.

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